Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sri M

Sri M in a past life was a young yogi who meditated in Himalayas with Mahavtar Babaji as his teacher. An old Muslim fakir once came with great difficulty in his old age to be his disciple. Yogi (Sri M) got angry at the "old, meat eating barbarian". The old fakir said he will not live if the yogi does not accept him. Yogi said it is fine, you can die. The fakir died. When Mahavtar Babaji found out, he told the yogi that his unkindness had wiped out his austerities. He should give up this body and live like this Fakir to know what he had suffered. Babaji said then he will send a teacher ( Sri M's teacher) to get him back.

So the yogi was born as Sri M

Listen with absolute attention, like this is being said for the first time. Don't compare with past knowledge - has this been said before. Know it in the now. Self is realized in the now not in the past.

Self realization cannot come from memories

Everything we do - work, worship, meditation, knowledge - the four paths that Gita talks about, only prepare us for self realization

Karm (work), Bhakti (worship), Gyan (knowledge), Kriya (meditation)

All are paths

They purify us, get us ready, clean the ground

And one day, in one lifetime, self realization comes

Once it comes, it is always with you

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