Wednesday, May 18, 2016

7 wonders of life


Very Beautiful Message...

*Seven Wonders of Life*

1. *Mother* - The first person to welcome you in this world.

2. *Father* - The first person to go through all the hardships just to see you smile.

3. *Sibling* - The first person to teach you the art of 'sharing and caring'.

4. *Friend* = The first person to teach you how to respect people with different opinions and viewpoints.

5. *Life partner* - The first person to make you realize the value of sacrifice and compromise.

6. *Your Children* - The first little person to teach you how to be selfless and think about others before yourself.

7. *Your Grandchildren* - The only persons who make you want to *live the life, all over again* ...

_Seven Wonders of Life_

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