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Fwd: 7 Sanskrit Coursebooks for Beginners

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|| ॐ ह्रीं श्रीसीमन्धरस्वामिने नमः ||

|| Auṃ Hrīṃ ŚrīSīmandharasvāmine Namaḥ ||

Jay Jinendra

7 Sanskrit Coursebooks for Beginners


Sanskrit Is Fun

Edited by Warwick Jessup & Elena Jessup

Foreword by Prof Satya Vrat Shastri

Preface by Prof Richard Gombrich

Set of 3 books

2012     30 x 21 cm     239 pages

Paperback     Rs. 285 for the set

The Stories of Krishna

Edited by Warwick Jessup & Elena Jessup

Set of 2 books

2012     30 x 21 cm     380 pages

Paperback     Rs. 350 for the set

The Stories of Rama

Edited by Warwick Jessup & Elena Jessup

Set of 2 books

2012     30 x 21 cm     294 pages

Paperback     Rs. 350 for the set

Total: 7 books for Rs. 985    [2.5 kilos]

Here is a really fine set of 7 books for those who wish to learn Sanskrit. These books have been designed for use in the St James Schools in London but are perfectly suited for use in Indian schools as well.

As lovers of Sanskrit it is extremely satisfying to see so many new books available for those who wish to learn Sanskrit. Especially for the youth, it is essential that textbooks are well presented and reader-friendly.

These beautifully printed books are the ideal gift for anyone who would like to promote the study of Sanskrit, especially amongst the youth. These books are perfectly designed for Westerners and Indian students who have no exposure to Indian scripts and languages.

The books are well-graded and supported by appropriate illustrations that make them very attractive to the young. Today, many Indian schools as well as schools situated outside India offer Sanskrit studies. For such students, these books are the perfect means of making friends with Sanskrit. These books could be useful for those involved in the performing arts: theatre, dance and music, esp. singing. They  would be ideal for students of Yoga and Ayurveda.

The first group of three books titled 'Sanskrit Is Fun' introduces learners to the Devanagari script. Letters are grouped according to their place of articulation called 'family' comprising both vowels and consonants. Learners are first taught how to draw the letters. Learning is assisted by the fact that the letters are presented in the form of animal figures. The next step is to add vowel to the consonant. And then to teach joint consonants. Finally, words and sentences are formed.  

The second group of four books seeks to teach Sanskrit with reference to the age old stories of Krishna and Rama. These stories which command an interest of their own are pressed into service to teach vocabulary, the formation of nouns and the conjugation of verbs in all three tenses. Adjectives and prepositions are also covered.

By the time learners have completed this course, they will have a good basic grasp of the  Sanskrit language, its vocabulary, structure and grammar. These books are an attempt to teach Sanskrit in a simple and systematic manner that may well dispel the notion that Sanskrit is a difficult language.

This set of 7 books is superb for youngsters who wish to learn Sanskrit. We are happy and proud to promote this set along with the other Sanskrit learning materials that we sell.

At Hindi Granth Karyalay, we have been delighting readers since 1912. We are committed to make the best writings on Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism and South Asian Studies available all over the world. Which is why, besides our own publications, we stock and sell books from all the major publishers of India. At our bookstore, which is the oldest in Mumbai, we stock thousands of books on various topics such as religion, philosophy, Indology, literature, poetry, dramatics, art, self-help, yoga, children's literature, alternative medicine, music, cinema and sports. We carry books in Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Prakrit, Pali, Apabhramsha, Gujarati, Urdu, Kannada and Marathi.

We have also begun to stock books like graphic novels, popular English novels, etc. We aim to be a one-stop bookstore that caters to different tastes.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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2. How to pay us

We accept payments through Money Order and Demand Draft, Visa and MasterCard, NEFT and SWIFT. Else, if you live in India, you could simply deposit the money at any branch of Bank of India.

3. Shipping

In India we send books either by Registered Book Post or by surface transport.

Internationally, we ship books through FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, etc.

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