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Fwd: ROZ EK SHER : Rahat Indauri

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Date: February 4, 2016 at 6:13:52 AM PST
Subject: ROZ EK SHER : Rahat Indauri

|| ॐ
ह्रीं श्रीपार्श्वनाथाय नमः ||

|| Auṃ Hrīṃ ŚrīPārśvanāthāya Namaḥ ||

Jay Jinendra

सिर्फ़ इतना फ़ासला है ज़िन्दगी से मौत का 
शाख़ से तोड़े गये गुलदान में रखे गये 
~ राहत इन्दौरी 

صرف اتنا فاصلہ ہے زندگی سے موت کا 
شاخ سے توڑے گئے گلدان میں رکھے گئے 
~ راحت اندوری 

​sirf itnaa faaslaa hai zindagii se maut kaa
shaakh se tode gaye guldaan mein rakhe gaye
~ Rahat Indauri

​Only so much separates life from death...
Being plucked from the branch and arranged in a vase

NB To my mind, the flower is a metaphor for human life. The tree denotes supreme transcendental consciousness. As long as the flower is attached to the tree, it is alive. When it is plucked, it loses its connection with the supreme consciousness. It dies. Then, whether it lies on the ground, being trodden beneath the feet of humans and animals, or is arranged thematically in an attractive flower vase, it is dead. 

Similarly, those of us who remain in touch with the core of our being, with the centre of our supreme consciousness, are awakened. The rest of us, are as good as dead. 


Urdu couplet by Rahat Indauri
English translation by Manish Modi

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