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Fwd: ROZ EK SHER : Tauqir Abbas

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Date: January 23, 2016 at 3:26:09 AM PST
Subject: ROZ EK SHER : Tauqir Abbas

न जाने आग कैसी आईने में हो रही थी
धुआँ भी उठ रहा था रौशनी भी हो रही थी
~ तौक़ीर अब्बास 

نہ جانے آگ کیسی آئینے میں ہو رہی تھی 
دھواں بھی اٹھ رہا تھا روشنی بھی ہو رہی تھی 
توقیر عبّاس ~ 

na jaane aag kaisii aaiine mein ho rahii thii
dhuaan bhii uth rahaa thaa raushnii bhii ho rahii thii
~ Tauqir Abbas

The mirror was alight with a strange fire
There was smoke as well as radiance

NB The mirror is symbolic of our soul. When the soul is alight with the fire of meditation and penance, it is accompanied by smoke as well as radiance. Smoke arises from the ignorance which is being shed. The radiance is due to the innate effulgence of the soul which emerges once ignorance is shed through enlightened perception, knowledge and conduct. 

Urdu couplet by Tauqir Abbas
Courtesy Suresh Kumar
English translation by Manish Modi

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