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Fwd: ROZ EK SHER : Momin Khan Momin

From: Manish Modi <>
Date: March 9, 2016 at 4:51:32 AM PST
Subject: ROZ EK SHER : Momin Khan Momin

इस शर्त पर जो लीजिये, हाज़िर है दिल अभी
रंजिश न हो, फ़रेब न हो, इम्तिहां न हो
~ मोमिन ख़ान मोमिन

اس شرط پہ جو لیجیۓ حاضر ہے دل ابھی
رنجش نہ ہو فریب نہ ہو امتحاں نہ ہو
مومن خان مومن ~

is shart par jo liijiye, haazir hai dil abhii
ranjish na ho, fareb na ho, imtihaan na ho
~ Momin Khan Momin

I am ready to give you my heart on this condition
Unpleasantness, deception and examinations should never come between us

NB Level 1
How naïve! Can one lay down conditions in love?

To be fair, the conditions mentioned reflect normal human
insecurities. No one wants to deal with unpleasantness and deception.
And we all hate being tested by others. Trust is the basic substratum
for a relationship, be it professional or personal.

The poet seems to have erred. Love is spontaneous. It just happens. It
cannot be planned. Nor can it be subjected to pragmatism. Trying to
tie it down to the ramparts of rational behaviour is foolhardy.

Level 2
The poet is laughing at the common human tendency of trying to
rationalise that which is fundamentally irrational.


Urdu couplet by Momin Khan Momin
Courtesy Nirupama Modi
English translation by Manish Modi

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